Center for Social Innovation & Global Ethic

Igniting the Essential Global Conversations

Center for Social Innovation & Global Ethic

Igniting the Essential Global Conversations

IMPROV Innovation

Spontaneous Preparation & the Art of the Leader Coach

IMPROV is performing without a script; it is spontaneous invention (in the form of acting, singing, playing musical instruments, etc.) that is often needed to create something entirely new and unique.  Real IMPROV requires preparation, and often practice, to develop the ability to act and react in the moment.

True success is about moving forward and exploring new, unchartered territory – to be free to try new things, take risks, and experiment. Innovation is the primary ‘driver’ for moving forward and creating organic growth.

We firmly believe that most spontaneous coaches in the world are the most prepared. We are big fans of comedians. Their delivery is remarkable. We believe the IMPROV INNOVATION has the potential to break through the ‘white noise.’  The idea is that every day, every one of us is doing Improv and Innovating in more ways than we know.  We unpack the 6 essential steps to Improv and dive into how master & coach innovation.

The UTRUM Symposium

Healing the Divide 

Perhaps more than any time in recent history the need to heal the divide that is fracturing our nation and world. We are polarized: Left or Right; Conservative or Liberal.  It impacts individuals, leaders, and organizations.  It even affects our families. If we are to be honest it influences how we perform in both work and play.

Just image if we could bring healing to the divide? We believe now is the time venture boldly where few have dared.  Utilizing a scholastic form of writing developed by Thomas Aquinas’ in the Summa Theologia over 750 years ago, The UTRUM Symposium sets out to empower individuals, leaders, organizations, and even families to learn the five steps of Utrum as a platform to practice attentive listening and master the art of representing each other well.   

Clarity About Your Soul

Strengths and the Human Spirit

The greatest temptation a person will face is the temptation to live someone else’s life. Getting clarity about the unique nature of my soul can help me find my best way to fulfill my God-given roles and to meet my leadership goals.

Something within our spirit resonates with the discovery of our uniqueness – that we are truly “fearfully and wonderfully made!” It “feels right,” as though from the depths of our being we can finally shout, “This is who I was created to be!” This liberating experience allows us to develop and move toward living our life with the God-given ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. It also gives us permission to accept ourselves as God originally created us to be.

Like everyone, we are at our best when we do what God created us to do. Our talents are an important key. Our Creator placed our talents into us, and we must draw them out and allow them to develop into strengths.  This process combined with a proper understanding of the human spirit helps move us towards mastery in areas of Self-Awareness, Sense of Agency, Social Awareness, Self-Regulation, & Self-Motivation.

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