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The Most Effective Leaders Understand Their Follower’s Needs


Tom Rath & Barry Conchie state, “You are a leader only if others follow.

Donald O. Clifton concluded after studying leaders for over fifty years, “A leader needs to know his strengths as a carpenter knows his tools, or as a physician knows the instruments at her disposal. What great leaders have in common is that each truly knows his or her strengths and can call on the right strength at the right time.”

In 2017 State of the American Workplace states, “The rulebook is being rewritten . . . the one thing leaders cannot do is nothing . . . Leaders must decide what role they want to play in their organization — now in the midst of change and in the future. They can be passive bystanders or active participants in creating and guiding an exceptional workplace.”

In short, leaders need to cut through the clutter to focus on what really matters.

At American Strengths Center we create breakthrough experiences for our clients unpack their employees’ evolving wants and needs and give their leaders a clear understanding of what it takes to create exceptional workplace environments.

At American Strengths Center we believe that every great leader understands that they cannot be an effective and successful leader on their own. At their core, leaders appreciate that they need some help. That is why most great leaders have a coach.

We also affirm that:

Effective coaching is strengths-based, engagement focused, character-driven, and performance-oriented.

Our coaches help clients

  • explore their talents
  • unleash their potential
  • be at their best
  • become more engaged
  • develop their character
  • focus on performance

Strength & Honor

Living As You Were Intended To Live

Strength & Honor [S&H] blends Gallup’s popular StrengthsFinder® assessment and coaching process with character development and culture shaping process. S&H builds on the belief that everyone has God-given talents that become strengths when coupled with skills and knowledge. The goal is to help leaders live their strengths and engage in a character-driven quest that leads to shaping culture.   Each leader receives a personalized strengths discovery report with an action plan for applying their strengths and a summary of their character development progress with a guide for more in-depth cultural engagement. As men and women refine and practice their strengths and character they will be equipped to consistently shape their culture while achieving excellence and maximizing their God-given talents.


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