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Interdependent Teams are Strengths-Based Teams that Increase Engagement


Peter Drucker said, “The purpose of a team is to make the strengths of each person effective and his or her weaknesses irrelevant.”

The definition of “Team’ used to be fairly straightforward. However, the workplace is rapidly changing and so are teams. A Strengths-Based Team is an Interdependent Teams where team members rely on each other to get work done. Leaders empowered to love what they do team members and position team members to do what he or she does best. This leads to a highly engaged team.

At American Strengths Center we have found that organizations that empower all team members — leaders, managers and employees — to use our suggested best practices increase engagement and improve performance.

Research demonstrates that engaged teams are 6x more likely to contribute to building a successful company.

The 2017 State of the American Workplace states, “In whole or in part, organizations are increasingly moving away from traditional hierarchical models and toward “matrixed” environments in which employees work across multiple teams and with team members who may report to different managers.”

This presents new challenges for leaders and managers. It is imperative for organizations to shift to a “coaching culture.”

At American Strengths Center we believe that employees need to be in an environment where there are mutual trust and respect for one another’s efforts and results. We also teach that if organizations want to engage their employees, the best place to start is by developing managers’ abilities to coach.

We leverage a number of Gallup best practice team and engagement tools. Our coaches are trained in their primary coaching tools. In addition, we teach coaches the importance of the five types of coaching conversations that to create exceptional team workplace environments. One example is the Developmental Coaching Conversation where the aim is to direct and guide an employee to improved performance and individual career development.

American Strengths Center also utilizes a number of tools that it has developed that have had great impact with Organizations, Universities, Non-Profits, Faith Communities, & the U.S. Military. They are fast becoming best practice resources.

Getting There, Living Here

The Key to Satisfaction and Success

Getting There, Living Here is about creating coaching environments and processes where individuals can thrive. These environments move people towards being psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually committed to their calling, roles, and performance.  It enables a person to learn to love the journey as much as the destination, realize the ‘best version of themself,’ and be fully engaged in both the workplace and at play.

The key to satisfaction and success is a process where a coach helps you move forward towards a destination through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue.  This approach is performance-oriented, solution-focused; goal-directed and designed to help achieve measurable results.

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