Resiliency & Well-Being Institute

Holistic Models & Practices to Develop Resilience & Build Well-Being

Resiliency & Well-Being Institute

Holistic Models & Practices to Develop Resilience & Build Well-Being

Principled Story – A Resiliency Quotient

The Power of an Overcoming, Resilient, and Re-Storied Life!

An exploration of how leaders deal with and overcome traumatic events and major setbacks is crucial to developing holistic models & practices of resilience and well-being. Principled Story – A Resiliency Quotient is based on an integrated model that pulls together the four disciplines of narrative story integration (NSI), biblical narrative theology (BNT), leadership development theory (LDT), and attribution psychological theory (APT).  These four taken together help leaders deal with and overcome traumatic events.

Leaders overcome by restorying their lives through the process of retelling their story, remembering a greater story (God’s), and responding to the stories of others. A synopsis of extensive research and practice reveals an integrated model that provides a foundational approach for overcoming and resiliency that includes 8 main movements (retell, remember, respond, retrain, reframe, resist, realize, and restory) and 8 conjunctive or connective elements (recognize, resolve, repent, redesign, restore, return, reconcile, and rejoice).  The result is 8 Axioms for helping leaders have an Overcoming, Resilient, and Re-Storied Life!

Getting There, Living Here

The Key to Satisfaction and Success

Getting There, Living Here is about creating coaching environments and processes where individuals can thrive. These environments move people towards being psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually committed to their calling, roles, and performance.  It enables a person to learn to love the journey as much as the destination, realize the ‘best version of themself,’ and be fully engaged in both the workplace and at play.

The key to satisfaction and success is a process where a coach helps you move forward towards a destination through the exploration of ideas and candid dialogue.  This approach is performance-oriented, solution-focused; goal-directed and designed to help achieve measurable results.

The Re-Ignition Project

Honor, Transition, and Impact

The Re-Ignition Project is a leadership initiative of American Strengths Center and the BNMI non-profit that seeks to develop transitional, care programs for active duty military & veterans. These programs seek to bring honor and increase the impact of our heroes who have serve/served in the armed forces.  We seek to address the specific needs and questions that they commonly face during transition.

The Re-Ignition Path follows four transitional, re-connecting processes & phases during each stage of transition – The Leadership Re-ignition Process, the Family Re-Union Process, the Narrative Re-integration Process, and the Spiritual Re-Alignment Process.

Stay tuned for more developments.

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